Monday, February 10, 2014

Live Broadcasting, The Right Solution

     Welcome to the new world of video! Everyday, thousands of video footage is recorded and shared further to thousands of viewers. Internet connectivity has raised the amount we can send and receive both at home and on our mobile devices. New video connectivity has improved the quality of video we can both stream and receive. No wonder the video broadcasting has become the new product to bring customers closer.

     The increased cost of travel has increased the value of bringing events to people across the country, and even the world. Who is your customer today? They are the mobile person who can only stop to watch a video on their phone, or tablet; maybe the person who couldn't afford the travel expenses; possibly the family wanting to attend a funeral; a mother and father watching their daughter's college softball game in Florida from Idaho; or, a training seminar with hundreds of employees attending.

     If you want to reach event participants, live video broadcasting is a viable, low cost option. Let Systems Consulting provide you with expert consultation for your company. Every company provides training, education, and collaboration in a different manner. A thorough discussion and discovery provides a solution that is perfect for your current and future requirements.