Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Protecting Product With Recordkeeping

   Imagine this story from a partner company. You are requesting a produce load to be delivered by your contracted transportation company. If they bring the extra two pallets you are requesting, it will cost them $250 for the additional stop. It is summer time. The truck driver wants the businesses/load, so he accepts. In route, he decides to turn down the cooler to save the $250 in fuel. Of course, the produce has now changed temperature.

   Previous loads to your company have been delivered by the same driver. You have noticed the product has not lasted on the floor like normal. Good recordkeeping requirements by yourself, and your product partners, is essential to maintaining quality food and profits.

   How long will it take for the bad quality produce to affect your customer loyalty. I am sure you heard the phrase "It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch"? Customers have too many choices today for bad quality to affect your business.

   By using a combination of recordkeeping products, you can accomplish complete and thorough product history along your supply chain. By using a combination of PakSense temperature sensors, Canvas custom mobile apps, and FoodLogiQ or ScoringAg, along with barcode labeling, you can protect shipments from both abuse and employee mistakes.